The average summer in Middletown, Ohio, is long, warm, and humid with daily highs over 77°F.

And while the hottest month of the year is July, averaging a high of 86°F and a low of 66°F, Middletown offers the best when it comes to summertime temperatures. For this reason, Ohioans love to get outdoors. But on those hotter days, you need some creative ways to beat the heat.

Creative Ways to Stay Cool this Summer in Middletown, Ohio

Regardless of where you live, summer is the perfect time for relaxation, travel, abundant outdoor activities, and spending time with those you love the most. But when temperatures average a high of 86°F throughout July, it might require some creativity to tackle all of that without melting in a pool of sweat.

Check out these fun things that can be done right in Middletown, OH, to beat the heat.

1. Make healthy homemade ice cream.

Many people think you need one of those fancy ice cream makers to make ice cream at home. But that’s simply not the case. And making ice cream at home, especially with kids, can be a great activity. Kids can learn the science of freezing, all while dreaming of how amazing their ice cream will taste when it’s ready. Check out these fun homemade ice cream recipes from Barefeet in the Kitchen and Taste of Home. Then get creative and develop an ice cream sundae bar that will make all the neighbors jealous.

2. Create your own frozen fruit bar.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), adults should eat one and a half to two cups of fruit daily. And kids should try to eat one to two cups of fruit daily, depending on their age and activity level. But the same old fruit all the time can get boring. Why not change it up a little by making a frozen fruit bar? Pack some watermelon slices, grapes, orange slices, or cherries into a container, seal, and freeze. When frozen, remove the tray and set it out for the family to enjoy. Frozen fruit not only helps give your kids the nutrients they need but can also help cool them off on a hot summer day.

3. Make a homemade water slide.

What kid doesn’t love playing with the hose in the backyard on a hot day? And kids love water parks too, but ticket prices can add up. So consider making a water slide in your backyard—don’t worry, you don’t need a hill. Follow these instructions to make your own homemade water slide. Then, sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy some frozen fruit while your kids entertain themselves for the afternoon.

4. Have a water fight.

Kids love water fights, and many adults do too. So why not create a one-of-a-kind water fight to cool off while burning calories? Gather up the neighbor kids and their parents, split them into two teams, and write down an even number of different tools that can be utilized (bucket, bowl, water gun, hose, water balloons, etc.). Write them on slips of paper. Each team then draws a slip of paper to see what they get for their side of the water war.

5. Play some outdoor games with water guns and balloons.

Sticking with our water theme, develop some modified running games like capture the flag or tag, but use water balloons or water guns instead of tagging each other. Be sure to have plenty of supplies to keep those water tanks full.

6. Head to the Smith Park Splash Pad.

If the kids have had enough of at-home water games, change things up with a family field trip to the Smith Park Splash Pad. Splash pads are a great way for kids to cool off while interacting and socializing with other kids. Not only that but the sounds and sensations of the water on the splash pad can be engaging and positively stimulating for kids.

7. Plan a day at the Illusion Adventure Park.

With plenty of water adventures to explore, your kids will delight in this special day at your local theme park. Their inflatable floating obstacle course consists of 65 pieces, which includes launch pads, cliffhangers, halfpipes, and action towers. Begin by swimming out to the starting point, then embark on a journey across a series of inflatable bridges, twists, and turns. If your child happens to fall, they can easily hop back up and continue. Additionally, the refreshing water is always nearby, making for an exciting and refreshing adventure.

8. Send the kids to camp.

Let the kids burn off some energy this summer with a week or two at summer camp. After all, who says you can’t plan some summer activities without the kids too? The Middletown Arts Center offers a variety of summer camps for kids of all ages, including theater, music, and art camps. It’s a great way for kids to explore their creative side.

9. Go for a hike.

Hiking is a great way to get in some physical activity while exploring the sights the Middletown area offers. Add the Great Miami Riverway to your Middletown, Ohio, summer attractions list. Enjoy over 99 miles of paved trails, perfect for biking. Or, rent a paddleboard or kayak and go down the river.

10. Explore a local farmer’s market.

Middletown offers several unique farmer’s markets where you can purchase various fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and more. Try the Downtown Franklin, OH, farmers market, which is less than ten minutes away. Or, hop in the car for a quick 30-minute drive to Mason, OH to enjoy all the Deerfield farmer’s market offers. Let the kids pick something new to try and enjoy a food tasting when you get home.

We can’t wait to hear how you beat the summer heat in Middletown, OH.

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