Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

Picture this: You’d like a dental implant to replace a missing tooth or periodontal therapy to restore your gums and supportive tissues.Your partner wants same day crowns to conceal the coffee stains on their teeth. The kids need composite fillings to fix their cavities. Normally, you’d have to make three separate appointments, all probably with different dental offices, but luckily, going to the dentist doesn’t have to be such a hussle. Let’s look at how a family dentist can make dental care more accessible and convenient for the whole family.

1. Wider Range of Dental Services for Everyone

Would you like to fix that cavity with a crown? Is your spouse suffering from nighttime grinding and clenching? Did your child’s front upper incisor break off? A family dentist has you covered in all things dental. Dr. Lang and his dental team in Middletown, Ohio, use the latest technological advances and techniques in dentistry to ensure your satisfaction with your smile and your continued dental health. And that’s not even the best part.

Fees for specialized dental services have a tendency to quickly exhaust your annual maximums. Seeing a family dentist like Dr. Lang who offers a wide range of services can minimize out-of-pocket expenses and save you money.

2. Great Way to Set an Example

Having the same dentist for the whole family provides a great opportunity for parents to set an example for their kids. Your children will see you talking to Dr. Lang and his staff, the same people who take care of your little one’s oral health. They’ll also see how you sit on the big “scary” dentist chair like they do during their checkups. Even the way you brush and floss twice a day can make an impact on your child’s dental hygiene. Letting your child observe your daily oral routine and your visits to a family dentist near you can help put things into perspective and make for a comfortable, quick appointment when it’s your little one’s turn. It may even set the stage for your child to have healthy dental hygiene habits as they continue to grow into an adult.

3. Better Understanding of Your family’s Dental Health

In many families, Dad sees one dentist, Mom sees another, and the kids go to a pediatric dentist. Because of this, it’s pretty hard to connect the dots on the cause of the family’s oral health problems, likecertain brushing habits, specific foods, or genetic health issues. Since a family dentist takes care of every family member’s oral health, they’ll have a record of everyone’s dental treatments and can make connections that would otherwise go unnoticed. This gives both you and your dentist a better understanding of your family’s dental health.

4. Get More Than Dental Care

With a family dentist, you get more than oral health care. Dr. Lang will take the time to educate your family on all things dental care. For instance, the ADA recommends that we brush and floss at least twice a day, but that may not always work for your kids. Seeing a family dentist can help each family member establish an oral care routine that’s tailored specifically to their needs.

Remember how your first visit to a new dentist felt a bit scary? Well, the goal of family dentistry is to allow patients to create long-term relationships with a practice they can rely on. With each dental visit, Dr. Lang will try to get to know you and your family on a personal level so he can better understand your scheduling needs, dental habits, and oral health goals and provide the best possible care.

5. A Single Appointment for Everyone

Your family’s health is important. When it falls on you to make health appointments for every family member, it can sometimes feel like a neverending repetitive take. What if we told you you could make one phone call or request an appointment using a single online form to take care of the oral health side of things? You’d say Christmas came early this year, but no, that’s how we do things at your favorite Middletown family dental office. Let’s cut the hassle of scheduling multiple dental checkups, driving from one dental office to another, filling out multiple patient forms, and running your insurance card over and over. We want to make dental care as convenient and easily accessible as possible.

All-Around Dental Care Under One Roof

At Great Miami Dental, you can expect a broad range of dental services to be available for the whole family. Whether you and the kids are overdue for a routine cleaning or you would like some restorative work done to restore your smile and improve your dental and overall health, we’ve got you covered. Fill out our online form to request an appointment at our Middletown office. We provide affordable dental care for the whole family all under one roof.