Going to the dentist today is more comfortable than ever. Gone are the days of loud dental instruments and appointments that could easily last two hours or more. With the advances of today’s dental technology, dentists can do far more than ever before and they have the tools to make the experience not only more comfortable but safer, too.

If you are curious about today’s dental technology and how it can bring comfort and added safety to your next dental appointment, be sure to check out this list of 6 technologies used by Dr. Lang and his team.

6 Ways Dental Technology Will Improve Your Next Dental Experience

With modern dental technology, going to the dentist is more comfortable and safer than ever. If you are looking to experience comfort and safety at your next dentist appointment, take a look at the ways that Dr. Lang and his Middletown, OH, team can help you do that just.

1. The soft tissue laser is a major advancement in dental technology.

Dr. Lang uses the KaVo soft tissue laser to remove decay within a tooth and reshape gums and remove bacteria if you need to undergo a root canal procedure. With the soft tissue laser, patients experience little to no pain and do not require stitches or incisions.

With no incisions, it means a faster recovery time and less risk of infection. And if that isn’t enough, laser dental treatments are also quicker than traditional treatments, thus allowing you to spend less time in treatment and more time getting on with your life.

2. DIAGNOdent is a modern dental tool used to find cavities.

Identifying cavities, even when they are just starting to form, is easier than ever with DIAGNOdent. It was often hard to locate cavities on the chewing surfaces of teeth in the back of your mouth in the past. But now, the DIAGNOdent laser can detect a cavity and let Dr. Lang and the team know of its presence through an audible signal and a numerical readout. Not only can Dr. Lang find your cavity using this dental tool, but he will also have insight into the cavity’s size so that your treatment can be better determined. With this modern technology, cavities can be found early before they become larger problems.

3. Dr. Lang can take pictures inside your mouth with the intraoral camera.

Dr. Lang uses an intraoral camera to better understand your oral health and the treatments that you need. Intraoral cameras are lightweight dental technology devices that can take high-quality color pictures of your teeth, gums, and other areas of your mouth as needed. Dr. Lang and the team uses photos taken with the intraoral camera to not only get a crystal clear, detailed picture of what is going on in your mouth, but to also educate patients about their oral health.

4. Digital dental photography is more efficient than traditional dental photography.

With digital dental photography, Dr. Lang can better monitor any cavities that might be manifesting and, as a result, can provide better care. These photographs can be viewed immediately and saved as part of your patient file, making it easier to monitor your care over time.

5. The Guru 5 Dental Education System makes it easier for patients to understand their oral health.

Sometimes it helps when information is shared with us in multiple formats. Though Dr. Lang and his team are your primary dental care providers, it’s important that you engage in the process of maintaining your best oral health possible. The more you understand your dental history and how to best care for your oral health, the better you and your  dentist can work together on your treatment plans.

The Guru 5 Dental Education System is a compilation of short, easy-to-understand clinical animations that cover a wide variety of dental topics to help patients better understand dental procedures. By watching these simulations, patients can gain an insight into the procedures Dr. Lang performs.

6. The E4D Dentist system helps create onlays, crowns, and more.

With the E4D Dentist system, Dr. Lang has access to invaluable tools to design and fabricate materials to improve your dental health. The E4D assists in the creation of dental onlays, crowns, and more. The accuracy and efficiency of this modern dental technology equate to better results for your oral health. Patients will also benefit from faster treatment, as materials created with the E4D CAD/CAM system can be made right in Dr. Lang’s office. This means a dazzling smile in less time, letting you get back to your day faster.

With dental technology, Dr. Lang provides a safe and comfortable dental experience.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable dental experience in the Middletown, OH, area, then be sure to contact our office or request an appointment on our website. We look forward to discussing how modern dental technology can create an excellent patient experience for you and your family.