If you have a missing tooth or are missing multiple teeth, you have likely considered tooth replacement options. And you should know that you aren’t alone. More than 36 million Americans do not have teeth, and 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. Unfortunately, these numbers will likely increase, but you don’t need to live with missing teeth. Implant-supported dentures are a great way to help you get your life back.

Check out the benefits of implant-supported dentures.

If you have missing teeth, it can impact your ability to eat meats, fruits, and vegetables, making it harder to eat healthily. Not only that, but your teeth are essential to help you speak properly. If you are missing teeth, especially in the front, it can be harder to pronounce certain sounds or words such as chin, fish, sew, and zoo. Filling in the gap left behind by missing teeth can improve your quality of life, and implant-supported dentures are a popular choice for doing just that.

You may also be wondering, what are full-mouth implant dentures? Like implant-supported dentures, your dentist can assist you with a complete mouth restoration if you have lost most of your teeth. This consists of several dental implants embedded into your jawbone and a set of outer teeth supported by the implants. If you are considering tooth replacement options, specifically implant-supported dentures or full-mouth implants, you can expect the following benefits.

1. Eat more of the foods you love.

Even with all of your teeth, your teeth and gums exert a lot of energy to chew well. But when you’re missing teeth, your jawbone and gums need to work much harder to make up for their missing counterparts. Eating without all of your teeth creates heavy wear and tear and burdens those surrounding teeth. This can result in soreness, bleeding, and inflammation of your gums. But once you heal from your implant-supported dentures treatment, you can again eat and drink the foods and beverages you love.

2. Speak clearly.

If you are missing some teeth, have you noticed that it is more difficult to speak clearly than it used to be? This is because to pronounce and form words correctly, your lips, teeth, and tongue must work together and be in the correct positions. Some words are complicated to pronounce without touching your tongue to your teeth. Even the word teeth can be challenging to say if you still need to replace a tooth here or there.

3. Get a job.

There are a variety of mistakes that people make when they are trying to get a job. Failure to make eye contact, bad posture, and a lack of preparedness for the interview can deter hiring managers from extending an offer. But when candidates don’t smile, this can work against them too. And if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, you probably don’t feel like smiling. And if you do, a toothless mouth can also be a deterrent for a job opportunity. In fact, according to data from mycareertopia.com several years ago, 38% of applicants fail to smile during their interview. Yet many of these people aren’t smiling because they have damaged or missing teeth, and they may be the ones who need the job the most.

4. Feel young again.

Though we may all be searching for the infamous fountain of youth, we all know it doesn’t exist. And sadly, missing teeth can make you appear quite a bit older than you are. Missing teeth create the appearance of sunken cheeks, which can add a few years to your physical age. Your teeth are anchored to your jawbone by sockets. If these sockets remain empty, bone loss occurs, contributing to the structure of your face. Further, less jawbone can leave you with a gaunt appearance. With implant-supported dentures, your facial shape will improve, removing years from your overall look.

5. Say cheese!

Of course, people with missing teeth rarely want to smile. Part of this is due to a decrease in their self-confidence, but it is also because missing teeth are embarrassing for some. When we don’t smile, it can harm our overall health, especially our mental health. If even a fake smile can release endorphins and improve your mood, imagine the ramifications when you never smile at all. But with a restored mouth, you’ll inevitably want to flash those pearly whites again. And that is good for you and everyone you meet.

6. Feel self-confident.

Similarly to what we said above, you should know that when you smile at another person, a physical action releases endorphins in your brain. These endorphins are like a natural happy drug that makes you feel better and raises self-esteem. As a result, you’ll be more approachable to others and find it easier to build new personal and professional relationships. And that is great for your self-confidence.

Are you ready for dental implants in Middletown, Ohio?

If you are ready to reclaim your smile, now is the time to consider implant-supported dentures. Well-made dentures look authentic and mirror the aesthetics of your natural teeth. So if you’re missing one or more teeth and have been considering dentures, it’s time to request an appointment. We look forward to seeing you and helping you get your life back.