Are dental implants right for you?

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants might be the perfect option for you. Many people have opted for implants because of their natural look. But just as significant as a beautiful smile are the health benefits. Implants mimic your teeth all the way down, from the crown to the roots. Missing teeth result in bone loss that can change the look of your jawline. Dental implants preserve the health of your jawbone and leave your smile as beautiful as ever.

So what are dental implants, and what can you expect in the process?

What are dental implants?

Dental implants can help replace a single tooth or a full set of teeth, with full dental implants replacing a full arch of teeth at once. In the past, dentures were the go-to remedy. But dental implants are superior in that they are solid, secure, and natural-looking.

Full dental implants make use of multiple titanium posts, or “roots,” that fuse with your jaw and provide the same kind of stability you expect from your natural teeth’s roots. If you need to replace only one or a few teeth, a titanium root can be added for each missing tooth. Once these “roots” are set, a dental crown is added to the top, and voila, you have a new tooth!

Dental Implant Materials

The implant itself is made with titanium. This is a standardized material for implants, and it delivers great results. The post/abutment that holds the implant in place is also made of titanium, but some dentists use ceramic instead.

The crown (a.k.a the new tooth) can be made with a variety of materials. Crowns at the front of the mouth are often made from porcelain or ceramic, as they have the most natural aesthetic. They can also be tinted to match the tone of your other teeth. Your dentist might choose a different material for the molars for more biting power. He or she will review this with you before the implants are done.

How long does the procedure take?

Getting dental implants is a process that takes several months. Once you and your dentist have determined that you are a candidate, you will have your implant insertion scheduled. Once the implants are in, your jaw will be given time to fuse its bone with the titanium, securing your new root in place. This can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks.

After this, the crowns, or artificial teeth, can be installed on top of the implants. With regular dental checkups and proper care, an implant can last a lifetime. There is no need to replace it. The crowns, on the other hand, can last about 15 years and are not hard to replace.


After you get the implants, you will need to care for them just like you would your regular teeth. This includes flossing, twice-daily brushing, and regular dental checkups. Some people like to use a nylon-coated toothbrush since they are less abrasive. Check with your dentist to see if that is recommended in your case.

The procedure has a high success rate.

The American Dental Association reports that over 5 million implants are placed each year with a very high success rate. Patients who have gotten implants give good ratings as well, especially when it comes to feel and appearance. The only difference between real teeth and implants is that they are not physically real teeth. Instead, they are customized to fit, feel, and look exactly like all the other teeth in your mouth. It’s a perfect alternative for your missing tooth.

What’s more, implants allow you to enjoy a satisfying and natural chewing experience. You don’t have to eat in a special way, and you don’t need to change your diet. You simply eat, and that’s it.

If you’d like to learn even more about implants or schedule a consultation, get in touch with us, and we will happily accommodate your needs.