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Most of the conditions that negatively affect your smile can be avoided with regular care. Our dental team is committed to answering your dental questions about proper dental hygiene and to providing you with the most advanced preventive dentistry.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease (also called gum disease, gingivitis, or periodontitis) refers to the infection of the supportive tissues of the mouth due to toxic bacteria found in plaque. Most adults suffer from some degree of gum disease, and if left untreated, gum disease can cause tooth loss, breaking down of the soft tissue in the mouth and jaw, and other significant health problems. Dr. Steven Lang will assess your periodontal health, and if needed, will conduct the appropriate therapy to restore gums and supportive tissues.


When decay and bacteria are removed from a cavity, the area is then filled with a material that will seal and protect the structure of your tooth. With this procedure, your dentist helps minimize your risk for further decay.


Many people who notice chipped or cracked teeth but don’t remember when the injury occurred damaged their teeth while they were sleeping. Grinding or clenching your teeth during the night will cause your teeth to chip, crack, and even break. To keep you from seriously damaging your teeth, a nightguard appliance may be recommended.

A nightguard protects your teeth from grinding and clenching in your sleep. Middletown dentist Dr. Lang will take great care to make sure you have a proper fit to prevent pain in your jaw joint. Ask our dental team in Middletown OH about having a nightguard custom created just for you.


“I had a cleaning and some filling done and the staff is great. Dr. Lang is awesome. He is the best dentist I have ever had.”

• Gini J.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth do not realize the numerous ways cosmetic dentistry can heal a smile.


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