There are many options to choose from when it comes to your dental health, and for many people this can feel overwhelming. Choosing the right provider can be the difference between a good or bad experience. Or more importantly, the difference between optimal oral health and lack of it. So what role does having a hometown dentist play in your search for the best?

What are the advantages of a locally-owned dental practice?

  • Connection
  • Advanced skill
  • Ownership
  • Community minded
  • Invested in you

As a species, humans are hardwired to connect. As the digital age progressed, the “old school” ways of connection, like face-to-face interaction and personal relationships, changed. But for Great Miami Dental, that same familiar feeling of belonging remained. Getting to know our patients on a personal level allows us to meet the smile needs of those who chose us as their dental provider. We adapted to the digital culture by growing our online presence through our website and social media, because connection, in all forms, is important to us.

We make time for you.

We prioritize having a special, reserved time for you. This way Dr. Lang and the team can have time to take care of your dental needs while catching up on your smile goals and what’s happening in your life. We take the time to fully understand your oral health and also to explain any treatment recommendations Dr. Lang makes to achieve that. We are committed to giving you and your entire family a personalized dental experience. We focus on you, one smile at a time.

When you’re not in our office, we like to stay connected online through Facebook and by providing information through email newsletters and our blog.

The word “practice”, whether used as a noun or verb, means to perform work habitually so that one becomes proficient. The more one works, the more knowledge is gained, the more proficient they become at their work. This is certainly true for the team at Great Miami Dental, which is a major benefit to choosing a privately-owned dental practice. The dentist (who is also the owner) and the team are highly proficient at their work, which means better treatment and outcomes for you, the patient.

As the owner, Dr. Lang has control over treatment plans, which means the ability to come up with creative and innovative options to make sure your dental needs are met in the best way possible for you. We understand every person is unique and your dental needs should be treated as such.

We are rooted in the community.

Decades of providing dental care for the Middletown community have given much joy to our team. We have the opportunity to get to know our patients and learn about their lives and our patients become comfortable knowing they’ll see the same familiar face at each dental visit. Continuity of care matters.

Our patients enjoy a leisurely appointment with little to no wait time since we schedule our day to ensure each person isn’t rushed. The team will walk you through the treatment and answer all of your questions to make sure you’re comfortable.

As a small business owner, Dr. Lang has invested a great deal into the business. Sure, there was a financial investment to get the business started. But the true investment is in you, the patient, and our community as a whole. By opening our practice doors we are opening our hearts to serving you. We know the education and skill of the team at Great Miami Dental has a lot to offer. Having a dentist who is invested in the community through service and who offers a wholehearted approach to your care can mean the world of difference in your experience as a patient.

Dr. Lang has the opportunity to fully realize his vision of serving the community by providing optimal dental care. We want you to feel like family here, and it makes us smile ear to ear when we read the reviews from patients who do. We respect each person who chooses us as their dental home. Here, your health and wellness are valued and your comfort is a priority. We take great pride in caring for our community and see it as our responsibility to promote the message of optimal oral health. That’s why we maintain advanced certifications and take continuing education courses to further our knowledge and practices. We invest in advanced dental technology that improves the quality of care for our patients by providing more effective treatment. And you can get care faster, too! Systems like the E4D make it possible to get a new dental restoration in just one visit! So instead of having to wait weeks for a crown, you will get a digital impression, and then Dr. Lang will make your crown right here in the office while you relax in the chair. Get the care you need, faster.

We want you to feel like family.

As a private practice dentist, Dr. Lang has the time to practice preventive dentistry. That means keeping your oral health in good shape to prevent potential dental problems that are painful and require time-consuming and expensive repairs. Of course, with time things begin to wear out, and you may need more restorative care. The great thing is that you’ve already established a good relationship with a dental team that knows you and your complete dental history. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, we can make your smile goals a reality. Your complete dental care needs can be taken care of here.

Our financial team works with patients to ensure they can comfortably fit their dental care into the monthly budget. If you have dental insurance, we work with you to maximize the coverage you have. We also offer monthly financing options through CareCredit.

You should feel completely comfortable with your treatment. We offer free second opinion consults—no strings attached. If you’re looking for a new dental home, contact us today, and our friendly team will schedule your visit!

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