Time-saving CEREC Crowns

It’s a sad reality of modern life that we simply don’t have enough time. Many of us set feet to floor long before any decent bird has started chirping. We multitask by waking up the kids, spouse, or pets (or all of the above) while dangling a toothbrush out of our mouth and chasing it down with the strongest, blackest cup of coffee we can find. You know you’ve been there too. By the time you finally make it out of the house with a bagel gripped firmly in hand while hopping trying to put your shoe on the correct foot this time, the quiet commute into the office by plane, train, or automobile seems almost a respite.  

In case you were thinking about relaxing at the office, however, don’t worry: Adam from accounting is here with his 8:30 a.m. sharp office meeting to be followed with a jam-packed day of emails, phone calls, and endless “brainstorming sessions.” By the time you head home, there’s barely time to shovel down a few bites of food and fall into bed before waking up and restarting the “wash, rinse, and repeat” cycle that is your life.

In short, we’re all so busy living our frenetic lives that we often end up neglecting our personal needs and health. This certainly rings true when it comes to dental hygiene. Lack of time consistently ranks as one of the top reasons most adults don’t check in with their local dentist for their recommended oral checkups or cosmetic or restorative work. In at least one arena of dental health, however, modern technology has developed a way to keep up with all that hustle and bustle. We’re talking same day CEREC crowns and here we’re separating fact from fiction when it comes to the modern marvel that can lend a big hand toward fixing up your pearly whites.

Fiction: Getting Dental Crowns Takes Weeks (or Months).

Unless you’re a complete newbie to the world of restorative dentistry, you’ve probably either had or have heard of dental crowns. These previously innovative nuggets of porcelain were considered quite the breakthrough once upon a ways back when. With traditional crowns, you’d schedule a dental appointment, spend a few hours in the examination chair and have an impression taken only to have to make a follow-up visit to see your first set of results. For those needing multiple crowns or complex treatments, a few weeks to a month or more from start to finish of treatment was far from unheard of.

Much like the dark ages beliefs that bathing was bad for you, the accepted “fact” that getting dental crowns needs to be an extended ordeal is a myth we’re happy to see busted. With the invention of same day or CEREC crowns, getting your smile in tip-top shape takes a little more than an hour and a bit of expertise from your dental provider. We checked your schedule and we’re pretty sure that Adam character left you a free hour or two on Thursday this week. So no excuses on fitting us in.

Fiction: CEREC Crowns Just Don’t Last.

From fast food to fast fashion, we get that the previously loved synonym for speed and efficiency often loses it’s charm when it comes to quality products that we expect to last. It’s easy to see, then, while many of the patients at Great Miami Dental Associates come in with the misconception that a quicker service would equal a decline in staying power.

When it comes to CEREC same day crowns, however, the uptick in technological advances has reduced the turnaround time needed, rather than a drop in quality. CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, utilizes the latest and greatest in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to help accurately map your mouth. Once that’s complete, we use the highest quality materials to 3D print your new high-tech tooth while you wait. The result is a crown that lasts just as long as traditional, outdated, dental technologies in about the same amount of time as it takes to watch your favorite Netflix episode of that new British cooking show.

Fiction: Same Day Crowns Cost More than Traditional Treatments.

At this point you may be saying to yourself: “Self, this whole CEREC deal sure seems like a great time-saver, but can I really afford to pay an arm and a leg more for the sake of convenience?” After all, between little Billy’s hockey practice and Susie’s recently discovered passion for ponies, it only makes sense that you’d worry a major investment in oral healthcare might break the bank.

At the Dental Offices of Steven A. Lang, few things make us happier than busting the myth that quick, quality, caring dental services can’t be affordable. Given the ability to manufacture crowns on site, the cost of CEREC technology is comparable with what you’d pay for traditional treatments. At Great Miami Dental Associates, we recognize that your smile is important. We offer a variety of financial arrangements along with accepting most major insurances and even partner with CareCredit to provide a host of flexible payment options to help you get the dental treatment you want and need. Factor in the value of your precious time and the savings will more than add up when deciding to invest in updating your smile.

Let Us Show You the Value of CEREC and Beyond

Now that we’ve separated myth from reality, it’s time for you to see for yourself the benefits of utilizing your local dentist office for same day crowns. With an expert dental staff trained in the most modern of dental technologies, you can rest assured that at our Middletown, Ohio offices your next dental treatment will be in good hands. Schedule an appointment today for CEREC or one of our other suite of dental services to see how Steven A. Lang, DDS, and staff can save you time and money while meeting your busy schedule. We look forward to seeing you smile!


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