Have you ever had a dental crown placed in your mouth? If so, and if it wasn’t recent, you might have had a traditional crown. The procedure probably took two or three appointments.

Today, thanks to modern dentistry and dental technology, you can get a crown all in one day. No more gross, gooey impressions. No more waiting for the offsite lab to create your new crown. You read it right, a brand-new crown that looks and feels just like your natural tooth—all in one easy appointment.

What is E4D Dentistry?

We know what you’re thinking—it sounds too good to be true. But we promise, this is the real deal. And it’s all due to E4D Dentistry. And what does that mean? We’re so glad you asked. At its core, E4D technology uses digital scans to create a highly accurate 3D image of your tooth. This means no more of the old, uncomfortable, putty impressions that made you gag. Instead, a small, handheld scanner takes pictures of your tooth from every angle, and in just minutes, our dental team has all they need to design your new crown.

But it doesn’t stop there. What makes E4D super cool is its ability to turn these digital impressions into a physical, perfectly matched crown on the same day. Using precise milling machines right in the dental office, your new crown is carved out of a block of high-quality ceramic that matches the color of your natural teeth.

This means you can say goodbye to those awkward, temporary crowns and the weeks of waiting for a lab to send back your permanent restoration. With E4D Dentistry, you walk in needing a crown and walk out with a brand-new tooth, all in one visit.

The E4D Process

You’re probably asking yourself—is it really that simple? And for our patients, the answer is yes. But, of course, a bit more goes on behind the scenes. Here’s a simplified summary of the E4D process.

  • Consultation and evaluation: This is where it all begins. Dr. Lang will look at your tooth and determine if a dental crown is the best choice. If not, he’ll discuss alternate options with you. Don’t worry! You’ll be sure to get a brighter smile out of the deal.
  • Preparing the tooth: If we determine that a same day crown is best, then the tooth needing a crown is prepared for the procedure. This ensures that your crown will fit snugly over the affected tooth.
  • Digital scanning: Using the E4D system’s handheld scanner, Dr. Lang will capture detailed digital images of your tooth. These images are then used to create a precise 3D model of your tooth.
  • Design phase: We’ll use the E4D software to design the crown. This software allows for shape, size, and fit adjustments to ensure the crown will be a perfect match for your mouth.
  • Milling the crown: Once the design is finalized, the information is sent to an in-office milling machine. A block of ceramic that matches the color of your teeth is then sculpted into the final crown, ready for fitting.
  • Fitting the crown: The newly milled crown is tested in your mouth to ensure a perfect fit. Minor adjustments can be made immediately if necessary.
  • Bonding the crown: Once a perfect fit is confirmed, the crown is bonded to your tooth using special dental cement. This secures the crown, making it a permanent part of your smile.
  • Final checkup: Dr. Lang will do a final check to ensure the crown is comfortable, and your bite is correct. That’s it!

The advantages of E4D restorations and same day crowns near Middletown, Ohio.

People seem busier than ever these days, and there are no signs that things will slow down anytime soon. We get it. That’s why we’re pulling out all the stops to help patients save time without compromising on high-quality dental care. But saving time isn’t the only benefit of a same day crown.

Here’s what else you can expect.

  • Long lasting: Your new CEREC crown will last a long time—about 10 to 15 years.
  • Strong: Your CEREC crown is just as strong as the tooth it covers. You don’t need to worry about adjusting your diet to protect your new front tooth crown.
  • Affordable: You probably want to know all about dental crown costs. And while traditional crowns can be less expensive, they do require multiple visits. We find that patients tend to opt for the same day crown more and more, just for the time savings alone.
  • Looks natural: You don’t have to worry that your new crown will be an eyesore. In fact, it will blend in so well with your adjacent teeth that no one needs to know you have a crown unless you tell them.
  • Versatile: E4D technology is great for treating chipped, worn, or cracked teeth.

Who can benefit from E4D Dentistry?

We’ll tell it like it is—you can benefit if your dentist offers E4D Dentistry. But, we know that doesn’t answer your question. Here is who we think can benefit from this patient-centric technology.

  • People with busy schedules: If you’re always on the go and can’t spare time for multiple dentist visits, E4D Dentistry is your friend. One visit and you’re done.
  • Those who dislike dental impressions: Hate the gooey mess of traditional impressions? E4D’s digital scanning is quick, clean, and comfortable.
  • Patients needing quick fixes: If you’ve got a special event coming up and need your smile to shine, E4D can get your crown done in one day.
  • Anyone with dental anxiety: Less time in the dentist’s chair and fewer appointments means less stress and anxiety for those who dread dental visits.

Need restorative dentistry? See if a same day dental crown is right for you.

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth or a worn-down tooth, a same day crown can help restore your smile. Don’t suffer from discomfort. Contact Dr. Steven A. Lang, DDS and schedule your appointment today.