Whether it’s their first dental appointment ever, or just their first time with a new dentist, your child may be anxious and afraid about their upcoming visit. However, books and other media can help provide the familiarity your child needs to overcome that dental anxiety.

Learn how effective this approach can be and put it into action with our curated list of dental books for kids.

The magic of dental-themed books and media.

Books and other media can help your child relate to and prepare for an unfamiliar experience. The colorful illustrations, relatable characters, and engaging narratives can all help turn apprehension about the dentist into a positive impression. Your child might have picked up some misconceptions about the dentist, but these books can change that.

Here are some enjoyable books that can bring down your child’s anxiety levels when it comes to oral health and dental visits.

1. “Brush, Brush, Brush!” — Alicia Padron

This engaging board book is an excellent choice for your child’s first lesson on oral health and hygiene. It’s made to be read to children between the ages of one and three and serves as an introduction to brushing. You can start your child off with excellent habits from the start with this engaging story for toddlers.

2. “Dentist Trip” (Peppa Pig) — Scholastic

If you have a young child, they’re likely already familiar with Peppa Pig. This picture book can help familiarize your child with their first dental visit by seeing one of their favorite characters go through the same experience. This book is a good choice to read to a child around two to five years old.

3. “Brush Your Teeth Please” — Jean Pidgeon

You can entertain and educate your child at the same time with this pop-up book. Children from one to three will love this interactive book featuring a wide range of animals known for their big teeth. Pop-up elements let your child brush and floss the animals’ teeth, getting them excited about oral hygiene.

4. “Just Going to the Dentist” — Mercer Mayer

Many parents today likely remember the Little Critter series from their childhood. While this book came a bit later, it provides both a familiar, approachable style and some practical education. Children from age two and up will enjoy this story, and those in first or second grade can try reading it themselves.

5. “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” — Stan and Jan Berenstain

For some parents, this book may well have been one they had as a child. This story will familiarize your child with the importance of dental care and show them that the tools and procedures the dentist uses are nothing to be afraid of.

6. “Sugarbug Doug” — Dr. Ben Magleby

This book provides a simple and age-appropriate look at some of the details of oral health and tooth decay. You can help your child understand what causes tooth decay and gum disease and how visiting the dentist helps keep their smiles happy and healthy.

7. “Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth” — James Dean

For any parents of children starting to read on their own, you’ve likely already encountered Pete the Cat. This well-loved series is widespread, offering both educational and purely entertaining books. This engaging story can be among the very first books your child reads on their own.

Exploring dental adventures through the use of media.

These books are all excellent options to educate and familiarize your child with visiting the dentist. However, every child is different, and books might not resonate as effectively with your child as other forms of media. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to break through.

If your child has a favorite cartoon, there’s a good chance there’s an episode about the first visit to the dentist. Visiting the dentist is among the most widely used plots in children’s television. Make sure that you’re choosing a program with some educational value, and not one that props up common misconceptions and tropes about visiting the dentist.

Interactive apps are another great way to learn about teeth, oral health, and visiting the dentist. The interactivity really helps drive the lesson home, and you can find plenty of great options on any mobile device.

Building a solid foundation for lifelong oral health.

Teaching your child about the importance of oral health, good oral hygiene habits, and visiting the dentist from a young age can build a foundation that will stay with them for life. These dental books for kids can have years of positive impact on your child.

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