Using advanced technology to give you the best care.

What did technology look like when you were young? Chances are, it looked a lot different than it does today—no matter how old you are! It wasn’t too long ago that phones weren’t smart, computers were big and blocky, video games were pixelated, and the internet was painfully slow. It’s amazing to think about the ways technology has changed since then and that includes dental technology.

When you visit the dentist, you should see just as much change in the technology that your dentist is using—after all, medical science is generally at the cutting edge. This technology can completely transform your experience at the dentist, giving you better, more effective treatments and preventive care while making your visits faster and more relaxing. We want to give you the best and most comfortable dental care possible, so we use cutting-edge dental technology to do just that!

Here’s how we use dental technology to revolutionize your trip to our top Middletown dentist.

Appointments are a breeze to schedule online.

Our website makes it easy to schedule an appointment online in just a few minutes. No waiting necessary! While you can still call our office to schedule your appointment, you don’t need to. If you’re tired, “peopled out,” or simply prefer filling out a quick form, scheduling online is a great option. Plus, our beautiful website has a ton of information that could help you, including patient forms, what types of procedures we offer, frequently asked questions, and payment information. Having access to this information so quickly and easily can even help you prepare for your visit ahead of time, especially if there’s something you’d like to ask Dr. Lang.

Dental exams are more effective than ever.

Advanced technology helps Dr. Lang and our staff give you a faster and more thorough dental exam. One way we manage this is through digital X-rays, which don’t need to be developed like traditional film X-rays do. Instead, they appear right away on the computer so Dr. Lang can look at them immediately. Digital X-rays also expose you to an even smaller amount of radiation than film X-rays, produce more detailed images, and are easier to store and transfer. This saves you valuable time during your appointment and allows us to catch cavities or failing dental restorations sooner.

While you’ve likely heard of digital X-rays before, you may not have heard of one of our most cutting-edge diagnostic tools: DIAGNOdent. This is a small, portable laser unit that helps Dr. Lang detect cavities sooner than ever—far before they’re big enough to be detected using X-rays or the naked eye. The unit works by shining a specialized light on your teeth and emitting an audible sound if it detects a cavity, as well as displaying numbers to tell us how big it is. It’s always best to identify and treat cavities as early as possible, as it helps us save as much of your natural tooth structure as possible!

Dr. Lang also uses an intraoral camera during exams. This is a small camera, about the size of a pen, that can send live video directly to a nearby screen. This allows you to see what Dr. Lang is seeing, which can be a powerful educational tool. It’s often simply easier to understand explanations when you can see what Dr. Lang is talking about. Additionally, some people with dental anxiety find that seeing and better understanding what’s going on with their oral health themselves lessens their anxiety.

Even the most difficult explanations are easy to understand.

When you visit our office for a consultation, we want to make sure that you leave understanding everything that you and Dr. Lang talked about. After all, understanding the ins and outs of your oral health, at-home care, and plans for any treatments or procedures you may need is a vital part of caring for your oral health and making informed decisions about your care. Knowing this information helps you maintain the best oral health possible and reduces your anxiety during procedures. Making an informed decision about which procedure you’d like also helps ensure that you’ll love the results.

Some procedures are simply complicated to explain, though, especially without a visual element. Visual aids often make all the difference when you’re trying to picture and fully understand what a procedure involves. This is where our Guru 5 Education System comes in! It helps you understand a wide range of dental topics through short animations and simple narration. The videos make even the most complex procedures easy to understand!

Dental procedures are faster, more comfortable, and provide better results.

Advanced dental technology also plays a big role in procedures, allowing us to provide you with the best experience and the best results possible. It might sound like science fiction, but one of the very real ways we manage this is through laser dentistry. KaVo soft tissue lasers are concentrated beams of light that Dr. Lang uses to carry out treatments that used to require tools like a scalpel. These lasers cause less bleeding and swelling, don’t require stitches, and are almost completely painless, reducing or eliminating the need for localized anesthetics. Even with all these benefits, they’re often faster than other methods, so you’ll spend less time in the dental chair! Soft tissue lasers also make the healing process faster and easier because they disinfect as they cut and encourage healing. This reduces your risk of infection and helps you heal faster.

Dr. Lang also uses the E4D Dentist CAD/CAM system to design and mill dental restorations like dental crowns, inlays, onlays, and more right in our office. The system works by taking digital scans or impressions of your teeth—no putty in sight!—and creating a highly accurate 3D model of your teeth. Dr. Lang then uses this model to design your dental restoration and ensure that it will fit perfectly, including checking how it will interact with the surrounding teeth and your bite as a whole. Once it’s designed and milled, Dr. Lang can place it on your tooth right away, cutting your treatment time down significantly by allowing you to get your permanent restoration in a single appointment! Plus, the incredibly accurate 3D model used to design your restoration helps ensure that your restoration fits perfectly, which makes it more comfortable and better for your oral health.

With so many changes in technology, your dental exams and treatments today should look different than they did when you were a child—and they should feel different, too! Technology is always advancing, but using the most cutting-edge tools available helps us to give you the highest quality treatment out there while helping you stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible. If you’d like to learn more about how we use technology to revolutionize your dental care, feel free to call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lang at any time.