Summer in Middletown

Tucked away in the southwestern part of Ohio is the humble city of Middletown. Home to a collection of fun outdoor attractions, historical landmarks, museums, and more, you might say that Middletown, OH, should be on everyone’s bucket list.

If you’re planning on heading down to Middletown over the summer, then it pays to have your itinerary at the ready. Discover some of the best things to do in this quaint little city and enjoy a summer excursion like no other by adding these tourist hot-spots to your visit.

Rock out at Broad Street Bash.

Looking for a place where you can enjoy local talent, great company, and lots of booze and food? Then Broad Street Bash is the perfect event. Sit back and soak in some quality entertainment with lots of great, hearty, home-cooked food. They also sell a range of different coolers, refreshments, and alcoholic drinks to keep the festivities alive for hours on end.

The summer concert series features some of the best performers in the area and has become a fun tradition for lots of families in Middletown. Bring your own chairs, or lay a blanket on the floor to sit down on. The cozy, relaxed atmosphere is sure to make you want to see it through to the end.

Take a breather at Armbruster Natural Preserve.

This beautifully preserved 5.8-acre wooded lot is home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna. The nature park offers picturesque scenery, winding trails, scenic bodies of freshwater, wildflower beds, and towering trees, which all combine to create a relaxing respite from the city.

Spend an afternoon frolicking through the preserve, appreciating nature, and basking in the cool comfort of a natural breeze. Bring your family and friends with you and pack some of your favorite food to enjoy a picnic in the park under the shade of one of many picnic shelters across the preserve.

Feed the birds at Bull’s Run.

The Bull’s Run Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum is a great place for wildlife lovers to find some of the most interesting species of birds in the area. The park is a whopping 11.4 acres, giving you ample space for lots of outdoor activities like a friendly game of badminton or a relaxing kite-flying session with the kids.

The large expanse of preserved land is home to bird shelters, hiking trails, freshwater streams and ponds, native plant gardens, memorial trees, and lots of big open natural spaces where you can share a picnic with family and friends. If you want to learn more about the available flora and fauna, guided tours are also offered at the park.

Get your heart pumping at Start Skydiving.

If you’re visiting Middletown on vacation, make sure you take the opportunity to add Start Skydiving to your list of things to do. This skydiving facility is ranked the best drop-zone worldwide, making it a must-see for tourists and locals in the area. With professional drop-zone staff, world-class facilities, and state-of-the-art planes, you can be sure you’re in good hands when you dive with Start Skydiving.

They have packages specially developed for first-time skydivers, and they also offer photography options to capture your skydiving moment as you fall. Plus, their reasonable prices make skydiving affordable for everyone. Enjoy a heart-pumping experience at the world’s best drop-zone by paying Start Skydiving a visit.

Get the full experience at the Ohio Challenge.

Right in the middle of the summer season, Middletown hosts one of the biggest events in the annual Ohio calendar. The Ohio Challenge is the city’s biggest yearly festival, and it’s when the locals come together to offer experiences and entertainment for anyone who wants to pay a visit.

One of the most-anticipated events at the Ohio Challenge, is the hot air balloon experience. The beautiful display leaves viewers stunned at the sight of countless hot air balloons drifting through the daytime sky.

This year, the organizers plan to give visitors a more immersive experience by allowing them to step into static hot air balloons positioned on the ground. Talk to an actual hot air balloon pilot and hear the roaring flames up close and personal!

If you’re willing to pay an extra fee, you can also enjoy a tethered balloon ride where you hop into a hot air balloon and experience it floating off a few feet into the sky. Don’t worry—you’ll be held in place by a bunch of cables for your safety.

Some other activities worth looking forward to include the annual car show where car enthusiasts converge to showcase some of the oldest and newest one-of-a-kind cars around. There’s also the balloon glow show—a truly magical experience that lets you see the majesty of countless hot air balloons as they light up the night sky.

Of course, what’s a festival without food? The Ohio Challenge promises some of the best food and drink options in the city. Sample delicious festival food and push it all down with a cool drink by visiting one of the hundreds of food, beverage, and craft vendors at the event.

There’s something for everyone at Middletown.

Whether it’s entertainment, nature hikes, or extreme sports, Middletown has attractions and activities for the whole family. So make sure you add these amazing itinerary must-sees to your Middletown visit so you can soak in the culture and the fun that the city has to offer.